04 June 2010

Moral inversion.

Two excellent posts not to be missed:
If you ever wondered why (1) millions of illiterate peasants flood into our country over an open border while our army is deployed on the other side of the world, and (2) Mr. Obama, every past president, every life-time tenured federal bureaucrat, and every solon not playing grab ass with members of his staff are energized like Socks the Cat with his tail on fire over the flood of oil into the Gulf, these two posts might just be for you.

As The Onion reports in its truly hysterical piece, "New Study Reveals Most Children Unrepentant Sociopaths" (12/9/09), children have “poor impulse control, an inability to plan ahead, and a proclivity for violence” and will “say anything without consideration for accuracy or truth . . . .”

Then they grow up become larger in size.

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