06 July 2011

Blacks' "whole other" social structure.

This the problem people don't understand about Philly. Everybody is amidst in this. Everybody got a son, or a daughter, or a sister or a cousin that is the murderer, was the murderer, was the drug dealer, is the drug dealer. So I understand the problem. I understand what the epidemic is. I realize. That's a whole other social structure going on with our people. This thing didn't develop over years and years and years.[1]
~ Minimally literate black Asst. Philadelphia D.A. Kevin Harden (with criminal record).

Really?! With "his" people. A "whole other social structure"?

A social structure radically different from whites' social structure. A social structure where it's commonplace to have a close relative involved in serious crime.

Lawrence Auster's take: U.S. blacks "largely criminal and pro-criminal" and anti-police.

Referring especially to endemic black hostitlity to the police Auster concludes:
Such is the intellectual and moral level of a certain population we have in our midst, whom we insist on regarding, without qualification, as our fellow citizens and as our equals.[2]
Anyone who thinks the "civil rights revolution" has been anything but a disaster for blacks and whites just hasn't been paying attention. Black rejectionism and failure stretch from your neighborhood a thousand miles in every direction.

Black culture in America, 2011.

Massive fail.

[1] "'Anti-snitching' black man with criminal record hired as assistant D.A. in Philadelphia." By Lawrence Auster, View from the Right, 7/5/11.
[2] Id.

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