06 July 2011

The central political task of the day.

A recent Time magazine cover showing the Constitution being shredded serves as an unintentional but apt representation of the MSM’s ultimate goal. That’s who they are: enemies of the sharply limited government the Constitution demands. In the upcoming election, those who support our founding principles are going to have to defeat not just Obama, but them: the media, their distortions, and their lies.

We can only do this by standing together against them, resolving our disagreements without public feuds, and answering every untruth quickly with the facts. Most importantly, we should at no time — ever, even partially — accept the MSM’s campaign coverage as representative of anything other than their own agenda, the age-old agenda of power for the elite few.

The media were always biased. Now they are ideologically corrupt
. Exposing and overcoming that corruption is the central political task of the day.
It's a depressing thought that a nation with such manifest natural and political blessings could spawn from the ranks of its own citizens a class of people who look at the United States as though it were a landscape in a Steven King novel -- purple sky, eel-choked streams reeking of decay, trees with branches that writhe and glisten with yellow oil, loud speakers blaring rap music . . . .

They are the media that we have expected to convey to us the central truths of our daily existence. Instead they've served up "undocumented immigrant," "youths," "affirmative action," "racism," and "Religion of Peace." These are corrupt terms that mask the true nature of our enemies and friends, as well as concepts that are fundamentally at odds with blind justice.

"The Real Flame-Throwers." By Andrew Klavan, Pajamas Media. 7/5/11 (emphasis added).

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