14 July 2011

The essence of the "kinship is worthless" lie.

But a society becomes untethered from its codes, it loses the ability to meaningfully socialize its own children. The breakdown of moral codes eventually leads to a breakdown in empathy. In a multicultural society where there are fewer kinship ties, this is even more devastating.
The "propositional nation" idea is pure poison because no one can tell you what propositions out there are the ones that we're all so enamored of. That we're all created equal? Well, who knew? You and I are pals unto death. Right?

It ignores, deliberately, of course, that people are bound to each other by ties of family, ethnicity, class, and race and the idea is to conceal the fact that hordes of immigrants are being brought or allowed into the country whose family, ethnicity, class, and race are frequently hostile to those of the majority population. Neutralizing their objection is, of course, the reason that this poisonous idea is even mentioned.

"Multiculturalism" is used for the same reason. It's a garbage concept and used only to deceive the majority white population into accepting their eventual minority status in a sea of foreigners.

Whatever may be said in favor of foreigners and their skills and ways, the fact of the matter is that they are different from the majority of Americans and it is far from automatic that the pursuit of multiculturalism will result in a society that is harmonious. Where is it written that all foreigners wish to integrate and why do we need a lot of foreigners to begin with? Especially when we put no pressure on immigrants to assimilate because we've bought the idea that America is a suspect phenomenon, a corrupt nation from its very beginnings, and whose Constitutional experiment is but a hypocritical instrument whose provisions can be ignored and twisted at will.

Multiculturalism, like the propositional nation idea, maximizes the opportunities for the ties between people to be broken. It tells us that the mere fact of difference is a positive attribute justifying non-resistance to mass immigration.

Take the worst case scenario of Muslim immigrants from Nigeria or Somalia. There is a zero chance of my having any possibility of a philosophical or kinship link with such people and no other American citizen who is black, white, or Hispanic will be able to build a link with them either. But multiculturalism tells me that these people are a valuable addition to my country to whose invitation, arrival, and presence I must not object.

Only a sick sociopathic political elite such as we have now could push these two ideas that are the enemy of a healthy kinship between Americans and the very foundation stone for future subversion, rejection, and violence.

"Government of Sociopaths." By Daniel Greenfield, Sultan Knish, 7/9/11.

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