14 July 2011

Blacks escaping from blackism.

[Obama] could have chosen to identify himself with the white race, but he selected the black race because it enabled him to continue with his birthright allegiance to the goals and objectives of Islam unchallenged.

When considering Islam and/or Muslims this is the opposite path most blacks follow. Theirs has been a religious migration into the Islamic faith in order to escape whatever their life style is here in our country.[1]
The author of these words sets up an interesting contrast. Obama embraced blackism to take advantage of its multiple opportunities to slide into a privileged positions without effort or achievement. This is completely consistent with the goals of garden-variety Islam, let it be said.

But there's another side to blackism as manifested in the embrace by some blacks of Islam and its bastard, spaceship-circling-Earth variant, the Nation of Islam. (There's no qualitative difference between the original article and the NoI offshoot but that's another years worth of posts on that particular point alone.)

The interesting insight Deep Dark Down has is that the embrace of Islam is not so much a manifestation of black rejection of white culture but rather of black rejection of black culture. White culture has degraded over recent decades (ten of them) – and destroyed blacks' community, family, and self respect in the process. Blacks enthusiastically embraced every feature of white stupidity and betrayal of their own white heritage and ended up with the horror of ghetto life that you see today. That part wasn't foreseen or wished for by whites and is a nightmare exclusively of black construction. Hence, the full nightmare of blackism that stalks the streets, alleys, parking lots, and stairwells of black areas.

Imagine what vibrant, safe, pleasant communities blacks would live in if they emphasized kids staying in school and doing homework, extirpated the "no snitching" commandment from their thinking, and looked at welfare and illegitimacy as the poisonous things they are.

The stuff of science fiction!

In the absence of any white firmness, discipline, or retribution – and with trainloads of evidence of white weakness and cowardice – some blacks embraced extraordinarily bizarre alternative associations in the hope that they could find rationality, firmness, discipline, and community with other people of strength and discipline.

The actual experience of people with the Nation of Islam or, say, Jamaat ul-Fuqra, has been described elsewhere and it can be seen that the blacks who embraced those alternatives ended up being damned if they do and damned if they don't.

But it's an extraordinarily useful insight that blacks who made these choices wanted more rigor and self confidence around them. That they made such pathetic choices is sad, doubly so because they saw even those choices as superior to embracing the debased, enervated, flaccid culture of main stream society that may now loosely be described as "white culture."

[1] Comment by Deep Dark Down on "America the Broken." By Roger L. Simon, Pajamas Media, 7/14/11.


AnalogMan said...

Doggonnit, Colonel, you seemed to be doing so well.

"But it's an extraordinarily useful insight that blacks who made these choices wanted more rigor and self confidence around them."

Seriously? Blacks yearn for discipline? As supplied by the NOI? All I know about the NOI is what I've read, and my impression is that they're far better at destroying than building. Maybe you can point me to some counter-evidence?

Negroes, now, I know from personal experience. You are of course aware that South Africa used to have a nuclear research facility at Pelindaba in the Eastern Transvaal. They built a nuclear bomb there, which program was prudently dismantled before handing the country over to the Babuntu. The story goes that they also developed a cheaper and more effective method of splitting the atom. "Give it to a kaffir and tell him not to break it". That stereotype is well-deserved. Destruction is all they know.

White culture is not in the state that it's in, despite the black people's yearning for order and discipline. It's that way because of the influence of the aliens among us. If you could see the standards of behaviour in the new South Africa, this would be clear to you. Detroit and New Orleans should make it clear to you. If we could separate from them, we could heal our culture.

Cultures don't create people. People create cultures. Black people create the same culture wherever they go on earth. White people, likewise.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Well, AM, let me see if I can redeem myself.

First I should not hang the "more discipline" idea on Deep Dark Down. He or she spoke of "escape" and I added the "rigor" and "self confidence" bit. Still, it's not that much of a stretch to get from escape to my rigor, etc.

The self confidence might properly be more smugness at the realization of how much whites will actually put up with. The "discipline" part isn't at all inaccurate. Louis Farrakhan's Fruit of Islam bodyguards are well dressed and have even put on displays of something that's a combination of break dancing and close order drill. Definitely some structure there. Jamaat ul-Fuqra is a pathology all itself but the women seem to like being told what to do in that uber chauvinist, nutcase version of Islam/supervised parole opportunity at various strongholds dotted around the country. Ditto for blacks who drift into "normal" Islam. There are plenty of imams and thugs to "guide" converts, though I suspect the thug part gets revealed a bit further on.

So, yes, I think some blacks head off into these greener pastures seeking more structure and effective authority than is found in, say, Detroit or Newark. Really an epic fail there in terms of cost-benefit analysis and more misery lies in wait for those converts. But surely just about any structure looks good to neighborhoods with addicts, pushers, out of control children with side arms, and utter decay. (In fact, now that I think about it, I recall that the NoI has at times sent in teams of men who were not above a little extra-legal persuasion. While clueless white power structure sucked their thumb these guys took care of business. Rule of law a casualty but hard to make a case for rule of law in places where there's only the law of the jungle or teenage gang codes.)

I'm convinced that separation of the races must eventually happen. The signs of black rejectionism and societal pathology are plain and they are, as the saying goes, cruisin' for a bruisin'. Whites are pretty hopeless as a general rule and unable to discern the nature of the threat from blacks infected with communism and a taste for milking and preying on whitey, not to mention a taste for the law of the jungle. ("No snitching.") Apologies to decent, patriotic blacks -- and there are some -- but before anyone objects to what I say, let them spend three months in an apartment in any ghetto of their choosing. Then tell me how inaccurate my assessment is.

I agree that black culture is a disaster and whites have wasted huge amounts of money and time trying to square the circle on that one. We fall over ourselves to prove that "it's the schools" that account for low black academic achievement. But it's black culture and black nature. If black want to excel at whatever they want to do, let them do it and quit whining and blaming the white man for their failure. It's way past time when they were entitled to the benefit of any doubt. For them, it's Showtime all day every day until the end of time.

I look forward to the failure of the socialist/accommodationist economic and political model.

Holder said we should have a frank discussion of race. This is one of my shots at it. I just can't take the lies and the double standard anymore. Is there any country that's more awash in lies than the U.S.? We don't even have honest hypocrisy any more.

Zenster said...

Blacks enthusiastically embraced every feature of white stupidity and betrayal of their own white heritage and ended up with the horror of ghetto life that you see today. That part wasn't foreseen or wished for by whites and is a nightmare exclusively of black construction.

This is quite similar to the situation with Islam. Despite all sorts of facilitating behavior on the part of Western leadership, Islam would, nonetheless, be avidly pursuing much of the exact same supremely self-destructive agenda that it currently does even without any help from the West.

It is as much an artifact of Islamic culture as it is of Qur'amic doctrine (also an artifact of local culture, surprisingly enough, NOT!)

Black America, much to the amazement of most civilized people, continues to mirror the very worst elements of sub-Sahara African tribalism and brutality. Absent any genetic explanation, one is certainly entitled to suspect that a categorical rejection of Western and, specifically, American values or culture is at play.

Again, there is a reflection of Islam in the way that Black America cheerfully adopts Western technology like guns (especially), boom boxes, turntables and a thoroughly shameless gaming of The System™ that they so profess to hate. Shun it altogether? Perish the thought.

So do Muslims adopt whatever convenient aspects of Western technology that suit their jihadist agenda but, in no way, actually embrace said technology in a manner that requires them to learn, understand and appropriately act upon such knowledge. The parallels are as abundant as they are befitting.

Imagine what vibrant, safe, pleasant communities blacks would live in if they emphasized kids staying in school and doing homework, extirpated the "no snitching" commandment from their thinking, and looked at welfare and illegitimacy as the poisonous things they are.

The stuff of science fiction!

Speaking of "science fiction"; Jules Verne predicted the fax machine, nuclear powered submarines and Parisian streets clogged with personal motorcar transportation.

Robert Heinlein anticipated remote manipulators ― known as "Waldoes" ― along with the utilization of de-orbited masses as non-nuclear weapons of mass destruction.

With his "Dynabook" Arthur C. Clarke foresaw the iPad computing tablet (much as Vannevar Bush astonishingly managed to do before him), just as the "2001" author conceived of weather satellites despite neglecting to patent the concept.

Science fiction, you say? More like "predictive analysis" which Black America had damn well better begin to take seriously lest they find themselves a justifiably re-designated underclass. They have struggled for a full century to deserve the onus of such a label and are on the verge of winning it hands down. (Warning: these statistics are almost a DECADE old.)

The racial composition of the juvenile population in 2001 was 78% white, 17% black, 4% Asian/Pacific Islander, and 1% American Indian … In contrast to their representation in the population, black youth were overrepresented in juvenile arrests for violent crimes, and, to a lesser extent, property crimes. Of all juvenile arrests for violent crimes, 55% involved white youth, 43% involved black youth, 1% involved Asian youth, and 1% involved American Indian youth. For property crime arrests, the proportions were 68% white youth, 28% black youth, 2% Asian youth, and 1% American Indian youth. [emphasis added]

In other words; one sixth of America's population is responsible for almost ONE HALF of its juvenile crime.

Does anyone sincerely think that these statistics have improved over the last near-decade?

Col. B. Bunny said...

I think there are genetic differences in intelligence, aggression, impulse control, and athletic ability between whites and blacks. I also accept that Asians are more intelligent than whites, though I understand there's something about the distribution under the curve that's different. I don't fall on my sword over if and for purposes of daily living, business life, and scientific study my intellectual abilities are just fine. I wouldn't take Harvard grads or Utah State grads for granted in a legal contest. Nor would I discount the abilities of a black or Asian opponent.

I've seem very intellectually challenged blacks in government offices but that caused me more to reflect on the joys of wildly inappropriate affirmative action hiring decisions. If I look at a black surgeon, I have to ask myself (as we all tragically must do, given the greasy resort to the mechanism) did he make it into medical school as a result of A/A? No adult American living today can know the truth of black ability so long as A/A is in force. We have to make our own assessment based on impressions. The official credentialing system that should at least ensure minimal capability is a lie.

Blacks seem gifted in finding absolutely the most stupid ways to think, act, and dress. This gift exceeds any bestowed on any other race on the planet. Only people of subnormal intelligence would go around in public with their pants and underpants barely clinging to their thighs and congregate late at night in night clubs full of other blacks who are either on drugs or drunk and carrying hand guns. Ditto, being indifferent to your babies giving birth to babies with multiple absent thug fathers.

Personally, I never contemplated a life of crime as job prospects and retirement benefits were not the best. Maybe that's just me. Was it 75% of black males in D.C. who were awaiting disposition in the criminal justice system, incarcerated, or former inmates? The legacy of slavery, no doubt.

Moving on to the issue of rejectionism, in the late 80s, I think, I followed in the WSJ the case of a highly motivated young black man in some truly pathetic S.E. high school. His dedication and effort to excel and win a place in an M.I.T. summer program were just extraordinary. He was a very solitary figure in his school and was ridiculed by his black classmates for, you guessed it, "thinking white." So who cares about genetics? There you have the crux of the problem and it's only gotten worse since then, with the jaw-dropping stories of black school administrators in Atlanta (and elsewhere, of course) fraudulently, pathetically, disgracefully lying, cheating, and obstructing to cover up black inadequacy. Q.E.D. to the max as to what even blacks think they have to do to make it look pretty. Not do their jobs. Not THAT! No. Lie and cheat.

Never, ever agree to a level playing field. Please! Not real equality in a fair competition. No! Equality based on bullshit.

You're right that the parallels between blacks and Muslims are there. They both like the technology but lack the ability to reproduce it or even control it. Many years ago I think it was a Pat Buchanan article in the Washington Times that said if you control for race, white Americans have levels of gun violence lower than Europeans. It might not have been Pat and I can't source that now, unfortunately.

V.S. Naipul in Among the Believers noted also how the Iranians (Muslims in general?) hated the "world culture" but wanted all that the world culture had to offer in the way of lipstick, F4s, radar, etc.

Col. B. Bunny said...

cont'd . . . .

Maybe the Ayatollah had a hot tub in the holy city of Qom.

The West has spawned 100,000,000 tons of Rip Van Winkles where Islam, race, and culture are concerned. I don't know how many more photos of young Swedish women with blood streaming down their faces it will take to alert Swedish men that there's trouble in River City. 70,000 by my estimate. But I think you and I are both of the opinion that somewhere between the 68,000th and 69,000th photo they are going to get grrr cross and starting writing angry letters to the editor.

Now, if you DON'T mind, I'm going to go relax by listening to some Wahabbi oboe concertos while I read a translation of that incredible novel that's just arrived from Damascus.

It's a page turner.

Zenster said...

Blacks seem gifted in finding absolutely the most stupid ways to think, act, and dress.

What about cRap Music "artistes" like Snoop Doggy Dogg, Biggie E, Suge Knight and Tupac Shakur? What about Michael Jackson, Huey Newton, Mayor Marion Barry, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Eric Holder, Robert Mugabe, Nelson Mandela, Nobel Prize nominated Crips gang co-founder and convicted killer Stanley Tookie Williams … Oh, nevermind.

Zenster said...

Shuckey darn, I left out Idi Amin.

As he once most famously said:

"Some of my best friends are hors d' oeuvres."

Fortunately there will always be exceptions such as the African general who said:

"A man whose ambition goes no further than vaginal penetration is, indeed, a shallow man."