07 July 2011

If the answer is "yes" what is the question?

And now, as the second-poorest [European Monetary Union] member, we [Slovakia] are expected to send money to pay Portuguese public workers and to save French banks after their unwise investments in Ireland?
Mr. Karpiš's article is recommended reading for all of us rubes trying to get up to speed on matters like What is the quality of a currency and Who controls its production? Those of us who wonder
  • what would be the effect of Quantitative Easing 4.02,
  • who decides how much "easing" will be sufficient to reach Goldilockian just rightness,tm and
  • is deliberate inflation a form of theft?
"The Euro: Its Inevitable End." By Juraj Karpiš, Mises Daily, 7/7/11.

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