07 July 2011

Some kind of a pattern here.

Three stories in the news, one involving a man who was a bona fide contender for the presidency of France, no less:
  • The New York DA's slack-jawed fawning over Dominique Strauss-Kahn's black, grifter, prostitute accuser.
  • Obfuscation and denial re multiple violent, black, flash mobs
  • Atlanta school administrators' and/or teachers' cheating, cover up, and threats in connection with falsifying black student test results.
After noting these stories, each one of which is a major story in itself, Lawrence Auster asks:
What is the common element uniting these three stories? The massive cover-up of black dysfunction/criminality/violence, in order to maintain a positive image of blacks.
To which we all must respond, "Exactly!"

America's legacy media and political class continue their 24/7, Notel-Motel love affair with self-delusion and absurd lies. QED.

Imagine what America would be like if policies targeted to deal with the actual problems faced by and caused by blacks were implemented instead of the ubiquitous fall-back position of our poisonous American liberalism of "There. There. It isn't you. It's us!"

Here are some simple truths acknowledged explicitly by any sane person (or implicitly by every white liberal on the planet who invariably lives as far away from blacks as s/he possibly can): if your neighborhood acquires a large black component or you live near a majority black area, you know for a stone fact that you, your family, and your property are not safe. In fact, you are likely to be a victim of a violent crime committed by a black, and to avoid that possibility you will now drastically distort the pattern of your daily life and avoid any areas where you might encounter even small groups of blacks on the street. You will, furthermore, move heaven and earth to remove your children from the public school.

Let us start with an acknowledgement of these truths that are obvious -- lit roman candle in your bed kind of obvious -- to any honest person this side of the rings of Saturn and proceed from there. After, of course, taking a public pledge not to use the phrase "legacy of slavery." At least, not to use it without rolling one's eyes.

"Ominous parallels busting out all over." By Lawrence Auster, View from the Right, 7/6/11.

PS -- Someone else has used that kind of planetary reference point but I don't recall who. Maybe Francis Porretto.

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