22 July 2011

It died.

And there it is…good government for which men will fight, and the odiousness of a government 1000 leagues off. How far off are the puppet masters pulling the strings of the usurper in the White House and our deaf representatives from both political parities? We have come full circle…we are again but a collection of colonies wanting representation, but not getting it, needing protection from a foreign invasion, but having the invasion aided by those who should, but do not protect our borders.

Our national seat of government is under siege, our country is in dire straits, and we are without a pulse of representation, but the nation’s lifeblood is in her people, and the nation’s heart beats within our own breasts where the Constitution is indelibly written…and there is where it lives on, not in Washington. The first dispensation of American independence took a deadly detour under FDR, and has just recently passed away from the affliction.

It is now up to us to insure that the invading government run by the tyranny of democratic mob rule does not stand, but that a Republic rededicated to the rule of law and limited by our Constitution, shall not perish from the earth. Restoring America and American liberty will require a complete rejection of the illegal presidency of the Obama administration, and a complete removal of both houses of Congress, but it can be done.
"Did You Love America?" By Neo, Noisyroom.net, 7/22/11.

H/t: New Zeal.

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