03 August 2011


I challenge conservatives to cite me one case of a large number of non-whites successfully assimilating into a white civilization and adopting the white culture.[1]
It's a challenge for the liberals, progressives, socialists, communists, multiculturalists, and open borderists as well. And in the meantime, in the absence of anyone meeting this challenge or even recognizing it's out there to be responded to, the relentless importation of nonwhites into Western nations proceeds in high gear. What could add more quality of life to Rapid City, South Dakota, than the importation of 150 Nigerians, Haitians, Mexicans, Tonganese, or Somalis?

Perfect! Yawning hole in American culture filled. Joy its very own self.

Everyone is entitled to their own culture[2] except whites,[3] who must accede to inundation by third-world cultures.[4]

And the reason whites must accept this and not discuss this is what?

Comments open on the questions of assimilation and acquiescence[5] questions.

[1] John McNeill commenting on "Why Race Matters." By Laura Wood, The Thinking Housewife, 8/2/11 (emphasis added). I'm more equivocal about non-white or mixed-race Hispanics, many of whom obviously have an outstanding work ethic and do, I think, assimilate willingly. Mr. McNeill's point referred to large numbers and the pathologies of southern California and the huge numbers of MS-13 gang members, among other things, may make my equivocation ill founded.
[2] True.
[3] False.
[4] Current official policy of American ruling class and our Marxist revolutionary, constitutionally ineligible "president" Obama.
[5] Cowardly.


Thomas Jackson said...

I guess it depends what you mean by large numbers. But I would think the Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans have successfully integrated into American societry and adopted the values of the majority culture.

Would you disagree?

Col. B. Bunny said...

You're quite right. I'd add the Vietnamese as well.

"Large numbers" is indeed the key issue. I doubt that China has a policy of encouraging substantial white or black immigration and I know that Japan is extremely restrictive. An American or British woman who'd resided in Japan for something like 20 years was forced to depart some years back, as I recall.

Only the U.S. and Europe have this sick impulse to encourage wide open non-white immigration. In the U.S., the white majority is to be a minority in our own country in a short while. Quite an unusual experiment on our part to test that "large numbers" idea.