12 July 2011

The offer America gives its entrepreneurs.

In his article below, Porter Stansberry starkly spells out the "deal" that innovative, risk-taking business people have with the government the moment they set out to add anything to their own wealth and the wealth of the nation. In short, the entrepreneur takes the risks and puts up with the idiocy of government interference and exactions in exchange for paying the government 75% of what he earns in his lifetime.

"Greed," that loathsome capitalist sin, is a concept that applies to government too. With the 16th Amendment Americans surrendered any power they had to limit government greed, which is, of course, nothing but the greed of the statists, rapacious political class, and the resentful underclass. In the midst of this grave debt crisis witness Obama's hanging tough for yet more taxes, as though in the long lead up to this point the federal government had been barred from spending gigantic sums for socialist frippery.

Our political class yearned to control man and nature but human nature and nature nature are reasserting their inexorable logic once again and proving to be quite insistent about it.

"This is why there are no jobs in America." By Porter Stansberry, The Daily Crux, 5/23/11.

Note: My title is right from Mr. Stansberry's article but I couldn't bring myself to use his spelling "Amerika." I know we're a long way from having a non-treasonous national government but "Amerika" has too many memories of Sixties scum who were willing to attack the nation when it was still decent and reasonably sane. "Rapacious national government that fawns over and finances every imaginable subversive and destructive progressive (communist, socialist, liberal), underclass, and illegal immigrant whim" doesn't have quite the ring I'm looking for in a new catch phrase.

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