10 July 2011

Our unforgivably traitorous government.

The Founders had common sense, insight, and deep historical understanding. We found a way to reject every last bit of it. The alchemists looked for ways to turn lead into gold. What did they know? We, on the other hand, found a way to turn gold into lead.

In a mere 74 years we managed to upend the original constitutional scheme and cede vast state sovereignty to the federal government. Forty-eight years later we handed it unlimited revenue that it then used to bribe citizens with their own money. Nineteen years later our president was looking to fascist European governments for fresh new ideas on how to "govern."

Three years after that the federal government inaugurated a massive mandatory Ponzi scheme for all citizens, and two years after that someone's Supreme Court removed any semblance of constitutional restraint from our national political life. This demonstrated conclusively what is meant by "the rule of law" in the Anglo-Saxon-Norman-Canon law tradition.

The trashing of the Constitution is now permanent according to the doctrine of stare decisis. This is a most sacred doctrine. What it means essentially is that if you made a mistake and took a crack whore for your first wife, all your subsequent wives have to be crack whores too.

What followed were massive payoffs to the parasitic class; national fawning over a resentful, rejectionist, black underclass; reckless spending that was an embarrassment even to fans of the Home Shopping Channel; and deliberate efforts to extinguish white European cultural and political power from America forever. This latter initiative proved to be a matter of indifference to most whites for reasons clear only to long-time students of narcolepsy.

It's a good thing we're immune to the historical experiences of mankind for the last 15,000 years. Otherwise, I'd be worried.

"The American Nosedive." By Jim Goad, Taki's Magazine, 7/4/11.

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