09 July 2011

When reality returns.

Here's a great description of what happens when reality overtakes long-cherished illusions. Or short-cherished one:
[Quoting previous comment:] “Basically the airplane is falling out of the sky and the pilot has turned to his liberal manual for a recovery procedure.”

Now you’re reminding me of the Air France flight that plunged into the Atlantic a year or so ago. The Airbus model they were flying was one of the first passenger jets to have a completely modern, computer controlled pilot interface – no manual backups.

The recovered data recorder showed that during the long, 4 minute fall from 40,000 feet into the ocean, the pilots frantically kept trying to reboot the computers which had failed. They also pulled up on the stick, pushed down on the stick, and gave conflicting commands at the same time. They were confronted with an emergency that none of them had imagined could be possible, and they did not have the tools to deal with it. So they responded with a frantic burst of panic and confusion up until the moment the plane smacked into the ocean, killing everyone aboard. They couldn’t think of anything else to do.
We are fast approaching a time when that thing we have, that Nation, that is so "post-modern," shiny, stripped of tradition, and blessed by all the bishops, professors, economists, engineers, bureaucrats, child welfare specialists, teachers, environmentalists, journalists, gay activists, "Living Constitution" sophists, politicians, judges, poverty pimps, gun controllers, and open borders morons is going to be in need of a similar reboot.

But the things that will restore a level flight path – white majority cohesion, the Constitution of 1791, the rule of law, limited government, legal colorblindness, and free markets – are the very things that the aforementioned people have spent their entire working lives trying to subvert. These would be the "manual" backup controls in the story.

Spending, "quantitative easing," further destruction of public education, punishing taxes mandating offshoring, regulatory excess, attacks on fossil fuels, and importation of millions of Muslims and other third-world immigrants to compete with American workers – these will be the manifestations of panic and confusion in our story, the pulling up and pushing down on flight controls that long since have done nothing more than send electrical impulses through meticulously color-coded wires to dead iron.

From wws's comment on "Liberalism: Out of a Job." By Richard Fernandez, Belmont Club, Pajamas Media, 7/6/11.

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