09 July 2011

Reaction. Oh, sweet reaction.

And you thought the Cold War ended:
Well, the answer is that though the USSR fell, the fifth column they created inside the USA did not fall,

Turns out that the Cold War is still raging. This may be its final battle.
and [sic] we are not doing that well at the moment. This understanding of the Left appears to be beyond the ability of the average American to grasp. They do not understand how Communism actually worked as a practical and day to day matter. This amazes because our local communists are so much more wild in their insanity than any Soviet communist ever was. No Soviet ruler would seek to have open homosexuals in the Russian armed forces or to embrace those who flew airplanes to building in Moscow.

We can brandy about all the abstractions that we care to, but the truth is that the only way out is to . . . show the Left the door and to start undoing the damage they have caused these last 60 years. I disagree with W that we must somehow find a new solution for the new territory we find ourselves in. Rather, we have wandered from the path and now must return to it.

This will take commitment and tenacity across many years and in the face of failures and disappointments. It requires that a majority see who the enemy actually is. Are we up to it? The damage to the . . . psyche and soul of America is great. One wonders if we have [it] in us to turn the tide.
I think very few people appreciate the extent to which America was and is penetrated by communists. I'm only now beginning to appreciate this. The fall of the Soviet Union hardly caused communists to break stride. It was a blessing actually. Uncle Ivan the sadistic thief and mass murderer had died in his sleep and now subversion could proceed without the unsightly baggage -- that awful evidence of just how pathetic socialist economies could be and what quantum of lies and police state tactics was necessary to make them work for even the privileged aparatchniki. Pure theory -- distilled and Harvard-vetted bull***t -- could be shouted from the roof tops . . . and it was good to be alive.

Even the Japanese ruling party at one point had an active blackmail operation running in Washington, DC, through its operative, Craig Spence. You may remember that in 1989 it was discovered that Mr. Spence ran a call boy operation that catered to high-level administration, congressional, and military officials. IANMTU!


The half life of the investigation into that scandal might have been as long as three weeks. This investigation was exceeded in length by the one that "looked into" the murder of Vince Foster by the crack forces of the U.S. Park Police who, I'm sure, had the FBI on speed dial the whole entire time. Kill a White House lawyer and intimate of the president's wife and the Park Police are on you like a beagle on a burger with special sauce.

But I digress.

The true extent of things gets buried sometimes. That's the point I wanted to make.

And that our history and Constitution are the safest harbors for us now in the coming storms. Not more power for bureaucrats and the security organs.

From Mongoose's comment (#75) on "Liberalism: Out of a Job." By Richard Fernandez, Belmont Club, Pajamas Media, 7/6/11 (emphasis added).

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KG said...

Colonel, the more I read, the more I think the dismantling of the old Soviet Union wasn't a mark of failure at all, but rather a new--and deadlier--grand strategy to advance communism.