28 August 2011

Conservative Party betrayal in the U.K.

Let us hope it is not too late to be delivered from the pestilence that threatens to overwhelm us. If you want to prevent this catastrophe then bestir your conscience and ask yourself why you still vote for a Conservative Party [or insert name of ______ Party]
  • that prostrates itself before aliens;
  • that hates you;
  • that despises you;
  • that taxes you to pay for aliens and the feckless;
  • that sneers at your love of your great history;
  • that wants to trample England and her people into the dust in pursuit of its hideous multiculturalism;
  • that has betrayed you; and
  • that actively works towards the day when England has been devoured by the United States of Europe.
~ Dr Frank Ellis, from a speech to a Conservative Party Association in North Yorkshire, U.K.

"Response to Cameron's Statement to the House of Commons." By Sarah, Maid of Albion, 8/23/11 (bullets added).

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