28 August 2011

The essence of elite betrayal.

Weak, ignorant, deliberate, and utterly hostile to native white population:
We must be open and tolerant towards Islam and Muslims because when we become a minority, they will be so towards us.
~ Jens Orback, former Swedish "Democracy" Minister.

Minority status for native Swedes is accepted meekly. Absolutely no problem. A shift to a majority Muslim population is assumed to be something that should not be resisted. All hope for civil relations is placed in the Muslims remembering that they were well treated by infidels.

Ensuring that Muslims treat white Swedes well by keeping them a minority or removing them from Sweden?

Abhorrent thought!

What about the 1400-year history of Muslim treatment of infidels?


And what will become of Swedish "democracy" when Islamic theocracy is imposed, as every Muslim is bound to ensure? This "democracy" minister had no concern for the assured destruction of democracy. He does not know that this is an issue.

But he knew the tipping point would be coming and didn't even think to resist.

Comments at Gates of Vienna by Nick and Vortac on point.

"'Democracy is Hypocrisy.'" By Baron Bodissey, Gates of Vienna, 8/28/11.

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