31 August 2011

Diversity is Poison Dept.

If you're a Muslim and you disagree with a minor safety rule, what do you do? Why, you physically attack the officials responsible for enforcing the rule.

Of course. What other course of action is open to you?

At the simple level of getting on a park amusement ride, these people show contempt for our rules and a grim determination – backed by confrontation and violence and larded up with unbelievable arrogance – not to obey the directions of any of our authorities.

It's the Muslim way and the feckless George Bush did his best to bring more Muslims to the U.S. after that 9/11 deal.

Remember that?

That was where a whole bunch of indecent Muslims broke that rule about not flying airliners full of decent Americans into New York skyscrapers. I'm pretty sure there's a rule like that.

America does not need more or any Muslims and their repulsive pseudo-religion. The concepts of religious freedom and religious tolerance do not require that we knuckle under to, grovel before, or import people whose core doctrines are inimical to our own and the most basic precepts of our laws.

Some people, however, actually think importing Muslims is a net gain for us and some kind of a vindication of America and its ways. Could we please have a debate on what to call those people? We could bring back some words that have gone out of style in recent decades.

Do you know the kind of diversity this country needs? People like Mark Steyn. Now that is diversity I can get behind.

Assuming he's not a cannibal.

"New York: Fifteen Muslims arrested in riot over Playland Park safety rules." Jihad Watch, 8/30/11.

H/t: FrontPageMagazine.com.

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