17 August 2011


British immigration lunacy is routine for Britons in their daily lives.

A higher order of lunacy prevails on the issue of the blessed "Roma" or, more properly, gypsy filth. They move onto farm land or, as here, just take over a woman's house and destroy what they can while the owner has to get an eviction order. The woman was even offered a glass of her own wine. The gypsies, Romanians in this case, trashed and damaged her home and destroyed her peace of mind for the rest of her life.[1]

If they had gang raped her, they could not have done more damage to her.

Britain insists on being helpless to prevent this trash from entering Britain and, when it arrives, its officials cringe like dogs lifting their legs in the air. Britain has had experience with gypsy invasions in the past and you'd think by now there would be a legal action plan that would have human refuse out on the street and going to court to establish their rights.

But you'd be wrong. It's the other way around. The stupid law requires the victim to stand by while the law heaves itself wearily into action. Is there now a conclusive presumption that gypsies in possession of property without a written lease are trespassers? Is there law that makes a non-British citizen trespasser liable for immediate removal by beat cops? Is there legal protection from tort claims for cops and vigilantes friends of the victim dealing with gypsy trespassers? Is there is law that permits immediate deportation of gypsy trespassers?

Well, we know the answer to that.

There is no viciousness, no trauma, no vindictiveness, no absurdity, no arrogance, no outrage, no assault, no being spat upon, no murder, no rape, no theft, no depravity, no terror, and no depredation that the native white population of Britain cannot be forced to endure in this the Age of Western Immigration Madness.

Prime Minister Cameron is in a lather over "moral collapse"in Britain. He could start his remedial campaign by focusing on the moral collapse of the political class of Britain, including his own, in allowing these kinds of outrages to occur and persist.

[1] "Gipsies move into immigration officer's home while she spent night away at Proms." The Telegraph, 8/17/11.

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