17 August 2011

U.S. race relations – clear sailing ad astra.

Louis Farrakhan, Nation of Islam, in Harlem recently:

Excerpt (2:46) regarding Ft. Hood mass murderer MAJ Hasan:
They want you to think he's a terrorist but he was debriefing terrorists.
Farrakhan analysis: Hasan was debriefing U.S. troops returning from Afghanistan and Iraq and their stories of raping Muslim women and sodomizing Muslim men caused Hasan to "lose his balance." (Shouts of approval from his NOI followers throughout.)

What do you call what we see above? Where does it come from, this overpowering urge to broadcast the vilest slander of one's own nation's military?

Answer, it boils up in him because he doesn't see the U.S.A. as his nation.

Louis Farrakhan – recipient of Jeremiah Wright's Lifetime Achievement award.

Jeremiah Wright – pastor to Barack Hussein Obama for 20 years.

Barack Hussein Obama – President of the United States.

H/t: Mark Levin, Freedom's Lighthouse.

Now, to really appreciate what you can find when you turn over a rock:

The white man's time is UP! . . . [Obama's] future will be ruined because he wanted to be the white man's nigger. He could have been a decent human being."
~ Malik Zulu Shabazz, New Black Panther ("Freedom or Death") Party leader.

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