18 August 2011

Liberalism's "endless loop."

Lawrence Auster:
Of course the incident [of a Muslim calling for David Letterman's tongue to be cut] has nothing to do with Islam, nothing to do with the fact that at least three million Mideastern Muslims now live in the U.S. as a result of our non-discriminatory mass immigration policies over the last 46 years. The thought will not form in the brain of a single member of the political, media, and academic elites, nor in the brain of a single member of the mainstream conservative and liberal public, that if we hadn't had all that Muslim immigration, we would not now have people in this country threatening to chop off comedians' tongues because they had insulted Islam.[1]
Software programming frequently employs a "loop" device. When the program reaches the loop it repeats the commands inside the loop FOREVER until the programmer says stop and go on to the next part.

The loop we're in now and can't get out of is the one that approves visas, naturalizations, and "birthright" citizenship for Muslims. Government bureaucrats perform as required: approve, next, approve, next, approve, next . . . . until the destruction of the solar system or Obama joins the John Birch Society, whichever comes first.

For the individual liberal in his or her personal life, there's always that secret, undocumented, known-only-to-insiders fall back exit option – hitting the key gets him or her away from the particular indignity, expense, or danger created by the operation of the loop.

Another name for this option is Auster's "unprincipled exception" whereby the person who loudly and vigorously supports liberal policies is allowed to avoid the consequences of those policies in a way that shows that person's Olympic-class hypocrisy. E.g., the liberal champions Section 8 housing but (a) resists with all her might if such housing is proposed for her community or (b) moves away instantly if such housing can't be resisted. Similarly, there was a liberal professor at the U. of North Carolina years ago when school desegregation and busing came to the public school his children attended. He supported desegregation and busing, of course, but immediately put his children in a private school.

Sooo, for now, we have that condition where the "thought will not form in the brain" of "too many non-Western immigrants" or "stupid to import labor when unemployment high" or "Islam fundamentally hostile to Westerners" or "through-the-roof black crime result of black dysfunction."

And the loop keeps on executing. Modern liberal fool meet Sorcerer's Apprentice.

[1] "Commenter at Muslim website calls for David Letterman's tongue to be cut off." By Lawrence Auster, View from the Right, 8/18/11. It's not clear that the Muslim in question is himself in the U.S. but his appeal most certainly is to a Muslim foot soldier in the U.S.

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