03 August 2011

Post-Norway massacre logic.

So, in the wake of Anders Breivik's decision to murder scores of people in Norway, the MSM, leftists, the E.U. and other intellectual cretins and dissemblers would have us believe the following proposition is true:

Anders Breivik agreed with the views expressed on anti-jihad and anti-Muslim websites. Anders Breivik massacred many Norwegians. Anyone else with anti-jihad and anti-Muslim views, or who reads the same sites mentioned by Anders Breivik in his manifesto, is therefore a likely mass murder necessitating official surveillance, anti-gun legislation, and speech-restriction legislation.

This can be represented approximately thus:

Similar logic leads to another conclusion:

Timothy McVeigh was a secularist or atheist ("Science is my religion."). McVeigh had anti-government views. Therefore, atheists or secularists with anti-government views ("Bush Hitler!") or who contribute money to the ACLU are likely mass murderers.

Given how the logic of the above is so clear and the danger of massive casualties that are highly likely to reoccur, a relatively minor adjustment in the interpretation of the 1st Amendment to circumscribe anti-government, atheist, and secular views would be in the best interest of all decent people.

Alternatively, this might be a more accurate representation of reality:


(Modified 8/5/11.)

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