22 August 2011

Tipping from white to black.

Every other major city in America has a similar scenario unfolding, with once thriving suburban cities and counties being abandoned to true, discernible climate change. When a great enough percentage of Black people enter a once thriving Whitopia, an exodus begins with whites abandoning this city for another. The Black people - who might be upper-to-middle class - that inherit the city cannot sustain it, with businesses fleeing, the tax-base eroding, schools failing, and property value declining. Soon, the Black Undertow takes over, and the impermanent creation of a Whitopia falters again.

Local parks - where families once bonded over picnics and outdoor sporting activities - become havens for the homeless, drug dealers, and weeds. When a city has more youths, gangs of teens, Black people prowling the streets instead of the bikers, joggers, and other pedestrians who once made that community such a desired location to live, you know the Black Undertow has overwhelmed it completely.
"What is Climate Change?" By Paul Kersey, Stuff Black People Don't Like, 8/16/11.

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