22 August 2011

What, oh what is the cause?

Truth in the modern West is as sought after as road kill stir fry.

We supply it:
Since this [what is causing civil unrest] is a really tough question, so tough that apparently even astute financial analysts whose job it is to help people make money have missed it, I'll supply the answer. The governments of Europe, the UK, and the US, as part of the globalization campaign, are engaged in a so-far successful attempt to replace the native populations of their nations. And, not only are they replacing the native peoples with foreign colonists, but most of the colonists are not, to put it mildly, up to the intellectual, law-abiding, cooperative, and productive caliber of the natives.
"That Which Must Not Be Named." By Dennis Mangan, Mangan's, 8/18/11.

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