07 September 2011

Courage – Amr Adib.

Rare are the examples of decency and rationality in the Muslim world.

Slavery in Mauritania, abuse of foreign workers in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, the grisly body count chronicled at ReligionofPeace.com, the constant chivvying and insults from Muslim worthies in the West, the never-ending scheming and subversion to inflict terror and shariah on infidels, the corrupt and vicious Iranian theocracy, the Saudi sponsorship of terror, and the taqiyah jitterbug danced by every Muslim legal offense organization to grace us with its presence -- this is the face that Muslims turn to us and the masses, including all those "moderate" Muslims we read about, do nothing, zilch to persuade us otherwise.

But I recognize decency and courage when I see and so salute Amr Adib for his stance on some imam's wish for the day when millions of Egyptians would grow a beard to show their fealty to Mohammed:
Amr Adib, a popular talk show host on Cairo Today, mocked this call for a “million man beard” with his trademark sarcasm: “This is a great endeavor! After all, a man with a beard can never be a thug, can never rape a woman in the street, can never set a church on fire, can never fight and quarrel, can never steal, and can never be dishonest!”
A brave man to highlight the childishness, hypocrisy and cheap posturing of the zealots.

Plus, he didn't say this in Dearborn or Cleveland but in Cairo itself.

"Why the Muslim Beard Bodes Trouble. Connecting the dots." By Raymond Ibrahim, Pajamas Media, 9/7/11 (link omitted).

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