07 September 2011

Perry the Anointed One – bad on immigration!

It frosts me the way Gov. Rick Perry has supposedly jumped the line in the Republican presidential sweepstakes.

He's an unknown to me, no more recognizable than Mr. Pawlenty was four weeks ago. The open-borders Wall Street Journal seems to fall over itself announcing that Perry is "The Front Runner" all the while I'm thinking, "Rick who?"

I've seen a puff piece on him that makes it seem like he had Reagan's back with an H&K and The Heritage Foundation on speed dial. I'm not buying it though and I don't like the odor that wafts out around the man who – at age 38 – was once a Democrat operative (Al Gore campaign manager, Texas, 1988).

My idea of the perfect candidate is someone willing to break furniture. Sarah and Michelle are near and dear to my heart for that reason and we'll see about that in the fullness of time. Spare me the guys and gals who cut deals and pander to whatever delegation of lobbyists happens to be on the calendar that day. Maybe that isn't Perry but so far I'm not convinced.

The fact that he's as dismissive as he is on border control gives me real cause for concern and Mr. Fulford's article below isn't improving my view of Perry.

Governor Perry, ascend the mountain top and, when you're serious about border control, descend again to lead your peeps.

"Perry on Immigration: Bad Beyond The Dreams Of Awfulness." By James Fulford, VDARE, 9/6/11.

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