29 September 2011

Greek "austerity."

Yes [the new property tax in Greece will be collected], but only if the trade unions at the public-sector electricity company agree to cut off the electricity [for non-payment]. Since we now know that, despite the orders from the EU-IMF-ECB for vast spending cuts in the Greek public sector, the government has actually added 25,000 jobs in the public sector since this 'austerity' started, we have a pretty good idea who has the real power in deciding to implement the EU-IMF-ECB's policies of foreign-imposed tax hikes or not. I'd say 'not' is very likely, since the unions clearly can over-ride Papandreou's policies.
"The streets of Athens: the cradle of democracy a second time?" By Mary Ellen Synon, M.E. Synon's Blog, Mail Online, 9/28/11 (emphasis added).

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