28 September 2011

Islam in action.

A 10-year-old Christian schoolgirl in a Muslim school in Pakistan made a spelling error.

Muslim reaction?
  • Child rebuked in class.
  • Child accused of blasphemy.
  • Religious authorities informed.
  • Demonstration.
  • Demands that child be reported to police.
  • Child expelled from school.
  • Child's family expelled from the Colony (?).
  • Child denounced in Friday sermons.
  • Child admonished not to "think against" Islam for rest of her life.
  • Mother fired from job as nurse.
HMOG. These fools have actual nuclear weapons under their control.

"Pakistan: ten year old girl accused of blasphemy and sentenced for a spelling mistake." By Jibran Khan, Asia News, 9/27/11.

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