12 September 2011

Maj. Heather Penny – for the detestable 9/11 truthers.

VIDEO HERE: Click on "Complete File" over on the right side of the page.

This is a video of Major Heather Penney, who was one of the fighter jet pilots scrambled from Andrews AFB on September 11th. Fast forward to the 20:00 mark and listen to Maj. Penney calmly describe how she and her wingman were prepared to ram United 93 because there wasn't enough time to mount missiles onto their respective aircraft.[1]
I hope every man or woman who has had the effrontery to say that the American military conspired with the criminals who made the destruction of the Twin Towers an inside job see this.

Theirs is a contemptible position.

[1] "Barnhardt.biz - Commodity Brokerage."

H/t: American Digest.

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