12 September 2011

Remember THIS MUSLIM CRIME on 9/11.

This was done by MUSLIMS to worldwide MUSLIM REJOICING.

Think about this MUSLIM crime. Think about this act of MUSLIM barbarism. Think hard about the MUSLIM scum who did this and rejoiced in this.

Now tell me. Why do we allow MUSLIMS in our countries? WHY are they still arriving?

WHY do we think they are civilized? With their "honor" killings, their female genital mutilation, their slavery, their blood lust, their lust for murder and conquest.

Since the first airline hijackings the entire world has been plagued by MUSLIM terrorism. It has altered our entire way of life and yet we grovel before MUSLIMS.


H/t: Crusader Rabbit..


Tagmaggot said...

Never trade the truth for unity! Never trade the truth for bullshit coexistence!
I remember

Col. B. Bunny said...

Amen to that. I despise this bizarre effort to distinguish between moderate Islam -- the real Islam -- and radical Islam. Those people dancing in the street. Do they look like radical "Islamists" to you?

Me neither.

KG said...

Thanks for the H/T Col. I don't give a damn what our snivelling PC politicians and academics have decided concerning muslims. Islam is the enemy.
Has been for 700 years and will be until we're all dhimmis unless the West grows a spine and deals with this barbarous ideology as it needs to be dealt with.

Zenster said...

Thank you for remembering those who chose to control their fate even if it meant plunging almost a quarter mile to their assured death.


I have just finished a three part, 14 page essay of almost 8,000 words dealing with terrorism and the ultimate fate of Islam. I will send you a link once it goes public, should you wish to cover it here.

Islam is doomed and it is only the most delusional among us who think otherwise. My essay proves this beyond any doubt.

Again, thank you for remembering the brave leapers. My heart goes out to those courageous souls on every September eleventh.

Col. B. Bunny said...

KG - With emphasis on the word "barbarous."

Zenster, thanks. Watching people jump to their deaths is pretty much the distillation of the satanic impetus for that event. Do please let me know when you publish your piece. I look forward to reading it! If we say it 50,000 different ways, people just might wake up to the danger we've invited into our lives. Quite needlessly, I say without fear of contradistinction.

Zenster said...

When Will it End?

Why Will it End?

How Will it End?