28 September 2011

None so blind.

Americans had no difficulty in assessing the bona fides of various cults that appeared in the 60s and 70s. They didn't earnestly inquire into the doctrinal framework of those cults or ponder the writings or utterances of their leaders. Getting young Americans to wear robes and sell flowers in airports struck them as creepy but they clearly got what was behind it by way of mental and emotional manipulation. They had little sympathy for the cults.

Today, the polygamanous antics of prophets and elders on both sides of the Utah-Arizona border elicit little sympathy from Americans and child welfare agencies stake out suspicious compounds. Network reporters supply footage of isolated communities shimmering in their long-range lens.

But where it comes to a murderous, subversive, backward cult like Islam that operates like an inescapable black hole for anyone stupid enough to embrace it or unfortunately enough to be born in it, then it appears American critical faculties enter "Hibernate" mode. Awareness of incredible acts of murder and child abuse doesn't build to any sustained level of alarm, and don't expect network stakeouts of any of the numerous Jamat al-Fuqra compounds in which can be found many alumni of our premiere high-security correctional institutions.

The 1,400-year history of slavery, slaughter and oppression of Islam doesn't register with Americans. Nor do they appear to absorb evidence of how Muslims think about the issue of assimilating into European countries into which they have been welcomed or born. The hostile, indigestible lumps of Muslim pathology that have formed in Europe must not concern Americans who chance to think about the future of Islam in the U.S. This appears to be a small number, by all accounts, and any who study on the experience of Europeans must apparently think there is a juggernaut of assimilation that operates here that will accomplish what clueless Europeans can't.

In Part II of his series on Islamic terrorism, Zenster highlights the source of much teaching on Islam, namely, how it operates in Pakistan. For the unconcerned it should be all the warning they'll ever need:
Tragically, for Islam there is no possibility of a happy ending. It has often been said that the only peace which Islam ― famously known as “The Religion of Peace” ― offers anyone is the peace of the grave. Pakistan ― which means “land of the pure” ―provides the best evidence of this in that it is a prototypical Islamic nation intended to mirror the everyday rule of shari’a law. That country’s horrific level of almost daily slaughter and mayhem clearly demonstrates how ― even if Islam were to attain global ascendancy ― the violence and terrorism would never stop.
Zenster goes on to mention a key Islamic concept:
The Islamic concept of takfir (“impure”), literally assures this in that a more devout Muslim is religiously sanctioned for killing a less pure Muslim. This lack of purity could be interpreted as someone who does not pray all five times a day or consumes food during daylight hours over the course of Ramadan. The possible paths descending into Islamic “impurity” are as numerous as they are varied and it is an ironclad guarantee that Islam will always be torn by internecine violence.
Takfir exists side by side with equally rubbery or tissue paper-like concepts facilitating extrajudicial killing as heresy (bid'ah), blasphemy, polytheism (shirk), witchcraft (sihr), proselytizing, or apostasy (irtidad or riddah).

Go here for articles on how the blasphemy laws concept is applied in the Land of the Pure.

Unfortunately, Western indifference to how Islam actually operates in its own pure heartland is matched by Western flaccidity respecting outrages against themselves.
Equally astonishing is the almost total lack of acrimony being show towards Islam despite innumerable terrorist atrocities and its near total violation of human rights as we know them. Mainstream Media’s own conspiracy of silence regarding this constant affront to civilization allows Islam to punch well above its weight and duck the sound drubbing that it so richly deserves. The neglect of this much needed retaliation bodes ill for, not just the West, but Islam as well.

The longer that this farce is allowed to play out, the higher that the stakes become. No better example of this exists than the imminent acquisition of nuclear weapons by Iran.
So, for now, Westerners sleep the sleep of the innocent, quite unwilling to grasp the truth of what Zentster says, that
Islam remains a predatory entity that has not been able to establish any self-sustaining degree of industry or technology for almost a millennium.
Moonies and polygamous, renegade Mormons Americans get in a heartbeat, but not the 1400-year history of Muslim slaughter, rape, plunder, slavery, and oppression. It's the part of the puzzle I don't get. Either of the pictures in this post is enough to wake anybody up and I don't care if all they ever read is the Soros New York Times or Washington Post. But the West doesn't stir from its slumber.

Zenster's not without hope.
The complete and total inability of Islam to coexist with any legitimate faith or other culture presages a day when its numerous victims will band together in pursuit of an ultimate victory.
When national leaders and the entire political class don't see this essential defect of Islam, however, it appears like we're in for a long wait till the dawn finally comes. Islam is self-limiting as Zenster makes clear but that will be small comfort in the interim.

It won't be a civil reckoning.

"Why will it end?" By Zenster, 1389 Blog – Counterjihad!, 9/11/11 (emphasis added).


Zenster said...

Thank you very much for covering my essay commemorating the 9-11 atrocity's tenth anniversary.

Sadly, the fallout of that work has been a ban upon my ability to post Islamic-related articles at Gates of Vienna.

Again, I deeply appreciate you giving further voice to the ideas I sought to share in that work.

Most grim of all was my realization that the nearly 8,000 words of that essay would fall far short of those needed to give full name to all 3,000 innocent victims of the 9-11 atrocity.

Col. B. Bunny said...

inglytrIt was my pleasure, Sir. I don't think that I did it justice but if I helped with getting it more exposure that's great.

I saw that GoV. I'm not read up on the particulars but I am sure that Dymphna and the Baron are handling their site now with a watchful eye on how things can be manipulated and distorted by our enemies. Also, the illogical focus on them and, more to the point, the vicious comments that were directed at them were extremely unpleasant. Dymphna was very open about her distress.

The West still doesn't grasp the full extent of the threat to it that exists only because of our delusional political and social ideas. You could write 3,000 separate essays and still not affect matters. That's a bit cynical on my part. The intellectual shift brought about by the anti-jihad bloggers has opened many eyes. Just not enough.

A nice day here today. Started on an emergency window stain and seal project to prevent further deterioration over the winter. Not a fun project but an ok one.