06 May 2014

Gimme shelter.

The modern megalopolis has become, in Copley’s description, a “hiding-place” to which an increasingly childish and petulant population flees in order to find refuge “from nature” and no less “from history.” Copley imputes the flight from reality to all levels of society in the urban colossus, not merely to the millions of welfare clients, but also to the bureaucracy, the professoriate, and the ruling-class, whose mentalities tend towards coalescence. “The cities become isolated from everything but their own increasingly abstract thoughts.” The contemporary jet-setter travels “from one urban cocoon to another… from one ‘house of self-worship’ to the next.”
"Babylon the Great is Fallen: Gregory R. Copley on Un- Civilization." By Thomas F. Bertonneau, The Brussels Journal, 5/2/14.

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