07 May 2014

The pathetic GOP.

The numbers on Hispanic electoral support for Republicans are clear. Huge swings in Hispanic voting preferences are as likely as Louis Farrakhan becoming a Presbyterian. Even so, a hitherto never-before-seen Hispanic shift into the Republican camp would pale in significance next to what Republicans could achieve by minor swings in white voting behavior in their favor.

But still the Republican establishment is fixated on selling out to Hispanics with pointless proposals for amnesty and groveling at the feet of the Mexican government.

Gaining political power instead of wasting time with minority outreach [is what Marine Le Pen’s Front National has done]. That’s an approach that the GOP don’t seem to have caught on to.

American patriots can’t simply wait for national leadership, because the Stupid Party has stupid leadership.

A case study: as the Front National was making “historic gains” in French elections . . ., RNC spokesman Raffi Williams achieved a stellar victory over . . . Ebony magazine.

It seems that a shrill writer at Ebony magazine wrongly yet understandably called Williams white. As it turns out, Raffi just looks white. He’s actually part black, and he and the RNC want the whole world to know that they’ve got diversity.

With colorblind sensitivity his guiding principle, the appalling Reince Priebus stepped in and demanded an apology from Ebony, which Ebony promptly gave. . . .

What courage by the RNC! What conviction those crusaders for “conservatism” have shown!

Their gallant stand against Ebony magazine is sure to win friends and influence people. As Priebus knows, Ebony is an outlet for black tribalism. No one will be swayed to the conservative cause by the magazine’s apology. Priebus is reveling in symbolic victories because he knows that he and his organization will be demographically overwhelmed unless they adopt “far-right populist” politics, which the RNC lacks the spine to do.

By contrast, an increasing number of Europeans have come to realize what is at stake with immigration: either preserve the national culture, or see it driven into the dust. . . . * * * * But for now, the European Right is rising—while U.S. Republicans grovel.

"Immigration Patriots On Move Across Europe—But Where Is The GOP?" By Thomas Martel, VDARE, 5/6/14.


Anonymous said...

Put third world people in the USA and you'll have another third world hell hole.

Just remember what happens to Balkanized countires.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Agreed. That appears to be Plan A for some reason. I read that the Turks deliberately mixed ethnic groups in the Balkans as a means of controlling them more easily. Thus, a goal to control us must be considered.