08 June 2014

Was this what it was about?

Some 70 years after the end of the fighting in WWII, M.E. Synon writes this astonishing observation:
In the coming months, the leaders of the 28 member states of the European Union must choose new bosses to fill all the top jobs in Brussels. There will be a new president of the European Commission, and a new 28-member commission. There will be a new president of the European Council, a new head of EU foreign policy, and probably a new head of the European Central Bank: in short, an entire new government of the EU which will control legislation, regulation, trade negotiations, foreign policy, eurozone fiscal and monetary policy and any chance of treaty change.

But the voters of the 28 EU member states will have no say in any of the choices.[1]

After several days of revisiting the horrors and heroism of the men of the Allied armies who took part in the invasion of Europe, I have to hang my head in despair at the absurdity of what Ms. Synon describes.

I have written before on the Europeans' willfully missing the reason for the carnage of the last century in Europe and elsewhere caused by totalitarian (ergo, leftist) excess. "Excess" hardly captures the horror.

Yet, from their direct experience and from the historical record of Soviet, Chinese, and Khmer Rouge murder, torture, and destruction, Europeans and their leaders concluded that "nationalism" had been the cause of all they had suffered and, voila, a determined end to the nation state has been job number one of the E.U.

Jim Kunstler has aptly written of the "experiments in psychopathic governance that the 20th century was a laboratory for," which experiments killed millions upon millions. And what Europeans have put in place and meekly accepted is a government with rapidly increasing powers over which they have control whatsoever.

Amazing. Astonishing valor and incredible sacrifice to free Europe and here it is ruled by an untouchable, privileged aristocracy that would be familiar to any scullery maid in the court of Henry VIII of England.

It's doubtful that the Allies won much of anything in consequence of the blood and treasure invested in the fight against German leftism. The final boundary lines looked much like a near defeat given the extent to which post-War Europe endured 40 years of Soviet communist oppression and decay.

Now, in the parts untouched by communist occupation, we see a supranational political entity that is an insult to all who sacrificed so that they and others could be live free of faceless, bloodless bureaucrats and their nutty plans and thieving exactions

[1] "Brussels' New Top Dogs and 'The United Nations Without The Sex'." By M.E. Synon, Breitbart London, 4/22/15.

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