09 June 2014

What leftists promise.

As some alcoholics say after retelling the story of a life devastated by alcohol addiction, "And my best thinking got me there." We still haven't achieved that kind of clarity about leftist thinking.

Mr. Kunstler has a real eye for the soul-killing nature of modern architecture and here pens a poignant description of what happened to one of America's best cities:

I was in Buffalo, New York, over the weekend at the annual conclave of New Urbanists — a movement started in the 1990s to rescue American towns and cities. The scale of desolation of that city is not as spectacular or vast as Detroit’s, but the visible symptoms of the illness are the same. One of the events was a bicycle tour of Buffalo’s neglected East Side, where maybe 80 percent of the houses are gone and the few that remain stand amid spring wildflower meadows and the human density per acre appears too low even for successful drug-selling.

The old economy is gone and is replaced now by a “social services economy,” meaning government checks, SNAP cards, and purposelessness.[1]

What the dishonest, hypocritical, contemptuous left has sold as "compassion" is nothing less than destruction and degradation. Cities like Detroit and Buffalo, among others, are reduced to a wasteland not so gradually being reclaimed by prairie grass and feral tribesmen.

People intend the natural consequences of their acts.

Is there an exception to this anywhere? Answer: No, none. Leftist "compassion" and "special insight" lead to destruction and an attack on the civilized world. Always. Leftists inevitably engineer a tragic subtraction from civilization. Instead of peace, cooperation, order, respect for law, improvement, and refinement, they promise nothing but a viciously defended regression to the primitive.

[1] "That Was Then, This is Now." By Jim Kunstler, Clusterfuck Nation, 6/9/14.

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