07 October 2015

The compassionate protocol.

- All those [French politicians] who told the truth are gone, willingly or by force. Only the liars remain.

Those who never stopped repeating that with more Muslims there would be fewer Islamists, with fewer borders more security, with more of Europe more prosperity… Those who claim today that Assad is the number one danger because they have been sold to Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

I admired people in my life who had a backbone, hence a line of thought, of reasoning, integrity. Not in the French political classes.

I left political life because I felt then that the meta-political word was more efficient. I couldn't put up any longer with the compassionate protocol that rules political life: the one who cries the most is the best politician… Politicians have become visitors of crash sites, secondary stars of show biz who live only from lies and dissimulation.

With time, I said to myself that I had a message to pass on to young people to encourage them to become a generation of dissidents.

~ Philippe de Villiers, interviewed about his book Le moment est venu de dire ce que j'ai vu and quoted at "Philippe de Villiers: suffering for France." By Tiberge, GalliaWatch, 10/3/15.

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