19 October 2015

The enduring, tragic legacy of WWI.

Europe’s and especially Germany’s welcome to hostile invaders has its roots, as does so much evil, in World War I. As we [commemorate] that awful tragedy, we should continually remind ourselves how deeply it still warps our societies, to the point where they commit suicide. The West’s lost belief in itself and its willingness to become a doormat for other cultures and religions comes straight from the Somme, Ypres, and Verdun. The absence of any Western country beyond Hungary to stand up to the invaders is part of the price for the fall of the Houses of Hapsburg and Hohenzollern. It is not hard to envision Kaiser Wilhelm’s orders to his troops in the face of today’s invaders, nor his reaction to the fact of Germany being led by a Hausfrau.[1]
The characterization of Bundescanceler Merkel as a Hausfrau is gratifying to me with my disdain for certain female politicians who infest the Western world but it hardly seems an apt characterization. I know of nothing about Merkel to indicate she's had a domestic orientation at any point in her life.

Rather, the true objection to her is that she's got the stink of the GDR on her and exhibits a maddening apathy when it comes to protecting the interests of native Germans (not "Germans" named Abdul al-Jihadi). Too, I've never read of any ideas coming from her lips that reveal a remarkable intellect or erudition on her part. This amusing video seems more the truth of the matter. A malevolent nonentity with a maternal exterior who is or was just recently in Turkey to grovel before President Urgebegone to tell him she would now like to fast track Turkey's accession to the E.U.

Just what Europe needs at this moment -- more Muslims!! Is this not quintessential Angela?! Whoever wrote that name on her birth certificate is a war criminal.

In actuality, it's more than her being just a political hack. Merkel's mad policy to keep the borders of Germany and the E.U. wide open to the Muslim invasion amounts to treason, as Mr. Lind's article below makes quite clear.

At any rate, Lind's idea that the West's surrender to barbarism has its roots in the slaughter of the First World War is more persuasive to me than the more recent talk of "pathological altruism." If for no other reason than that altruism requires humans to take action on behalf of their beliefs and I think the better view is that humans are not prone to activism, just aren't that altruistic, and certainly aren't acting to further any kind of Christian altruism here. In W. Europe, at least, Christianity seems quite a spent force. If it's not Christian altruism at work, I'm at a loss to put my finger, James Madison-style, on where altruism is to be found in secularism.

So loss of nerve is a plausible explanation for Western passivity in the face of a mortal threat.

The active force that is able to operate with such ease in this enervated, pathetic, dispirited Europe is cultural Marxism, the precision guided missile of leftist, Marxist hatred for Western civilization and all its glory. It is the perfect complement to loss of faith in Western civilization, making its destructive passage through the remnants of Western civilization a wholly unobstructed one. An opportunistic infection when the immune system has weakened.

Merkel's roots in a communist political structure probably gave her a taste for whatever cultural Marxism has for sale these days, not to mention her simply living the dream of communist hatred of free societies. Not everyone who sat in classrooms for their daily dose of communist indoctrination seethed with resentment at the stupidity and malice of it all.

[1] "The View From Olympus: Invasion by Immigration." By William S. Lind, 9/23/15.

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