19 October 2015

The new, diseased internal enemy.

But the suicide of Germany and the rest of Europe that is welcoming the invaders must continue so long as Globalists remain in power. The notion that all peoples, religions, and cultures are wonderful and peaceful (except Western culture, the White race, and the Christian religion, which are evil and oppressive) is central to Brave New World’s ideology. That ideology is, of course, the cultural Marxism of the Frankfurt School. Its goal, from its initial conception in 1919 (independently) by Gramsci in Italy and Lukacs in Hungary, has been the destruction of the Christian West.[1]
Never in human history did there arise a class of malevolent people with great education and intellect who undertook to so discredit their own civilization. They have done so that it could be taken over by something murderous and wasteful, something that in its earliest manifestations was clearly to be seen to be awash with blood and bitter suffering.

The Bible cautions that there is nothing new under the sun and that is a powerful guide in attempting to understand human events in any age, so perhaps I ought not to speak so. Still, if hating your own culture and your ancestors is likely not a new phenomenon, the sheer numbers of people who think this way does seem to me to be something very new indeed.

Earlier societal and political catastrophes seem explicable merely by seeing ambition, greed, lust, and cruelty at work on a small scale. A Caesar here, a Lenin later, an Obama now. But, today, millions of citizens have disdain for their ancestors and what they built even when these moderns have no likely personal gain from thinking as they do.

If it is proving hard to revive or preserve Western civilization, if there seems to be an inexplicable force undermining what seems eminently reasonable and workable, it could be because it is hard for people of good will to understand this bizarre hatred of one's own and so they do not realize the danger. We see traces of this rejectionism or rebellion in most adolescents but reason returns to them soon enough. Unfortunately, some of our adult contemporaries are permanently and wittingly committed to hatred, subversion, and destruction.

[1] "The View From Olympus: Invasion by Immigration." By William S. Lind, 9/23/15.

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