20 November 2015

Immigration mendacity.

There is no end to it. This excerpt from a piece by George Igler at the excellent There is no end to it. This excerpt from a piece by George Igler at the excellent Gatestone Institute lays out the destructive purpose of the Western full-court press to drown the West in a tidal way of third-world invaders:
That these predictions [by the British multinational Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC), the world's fourth largest bank] fly in the face of all the available evidence is problematic.

Even in a country with an established Islamic population such as Britain, Muslim unemployment languishes at 50% for men, and 75% for women.

Furthermore, Muslims in Britain represent the demographic with the highest birth rates. Coupled with their levels of unemployment, these imagined saviors of a moribund European social welfare model are, as a group, the recipients of the state's revenue, rather than contributors to it.

Successive generations of Muslims Europe-wide, as Christopher Caldwell noted in 2009, are not normalizing toward the birth rates of their host populations, as previous immigrant groups have done. That trend might admittedly be useful in boosting Europe's population numbers, but it also highlights an alarming pattern.

As recently announced by Baroness Caroline Cox, the "blind eye" turned towards polygamy in Britain -- and in France, Belgium and Germany – has ensured that some Muslim men are having upwards of 20 children by multiple wives, almost always at the state's expense. This is grim news indeed for integration: families with fundamentalist views are outbreeding their more moderate coreligionists.

"The True Cost of Europe's Muslim "Enrichment"." By George Igler, Gatestone Institute, 11/18/15 (links removed).

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