20 November 2015

Matthew 6:24.

"There is nothing good that came as a result of my actions," he [Jonathan Pollard] said. "I tried to serve two countries at the same time. That does not work."[1]
I despise Pollard and the constant Israeli chivvying to get Pollard's release. Israel initially tried to sell the story that it was a "rogue" operation of Israeli intelligence but soon gave up that lie. No, Israel committed a hostile act. At least Pollard had the decency to say he is no hero.

The never-ending efforts by certain members of the American Jewish community to get Pollard released calls into question which country it is to which they owe their allegiance. Pollard turned over a great deal of his putative country's secrets for pay. His plight deserved no special attention from certain of the Jewish community. What part of "treason" do his supporters not understand?

Now let's prohibit dual citizenship, serving in foreign militaries, and voting in foreign elections. Or are we just forever stuck with the idea that U.S. citizenship is meaningless, something to be handed out like Tootsie Rolls at a Shriners Parade?

In the modern West, there are no real choices.

A thought that calls to mind Yogi Berra's classic, "If you come to a fork in the road, take it." Everything is without cost. Entropy is king. It's all good.

[1] "Convicted spy Pollard is released from prison after 30 years." By Eric Tucker, Associated Press, 11/20/15.

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