05 December 2015

Searching out the Gulag.

An interesting motorcycle enthusiast describes his trip here to find one of the old camps that were part of the Soviet Gulag. It's interesting what Walter LNU has to say about the attitude of local officials in Magadan. They were eager to shut down any local entrepreneurs who take visitors to the old camps. The camps are to disappear entirely it seems.

Many heart rending images of the ghastly Soviet Gulags can be seen here. (If the link doesn't work just search for "gulag" in Google images.)

The drawings of Danzig Baldaev are an even starker depiction of the kind of human beasts who ran and populated that satanic system of forced labor and death. Many of his drawings can be seen at the link immediately above.

Unbelievable crimes were perpetrated in the name of Soviet communism. Soviet forced labor produced little net economic value. Its signature accomplishment was terrible suffering and death. Communist killing in the last century exceeded 100 millions yet the National Socialist holocaust is all that most Westerners know about.

On a more pleasant note, Walter's a very interesting guy and he seems to have a knack for finding warm hearted and cheerful Siberians. These are some local hunters driving some kind of tank:

"Diversity" is a stupid word the way it's used in the West but Walter's site captures friendliness and something healthy about our fellow humans.

Walter also links to some great photos at Road of Bones and the Kolyma Highway - Pure Photos.

What a fearsome and delightful world we live in.

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