01 January 2016

Bunny's epic fail.

Yesterday was the last day of the 60-day period within which I predicted that Angela Merkel would be forced out as chancellor of Germany. The massive influx of invaders seemed sure to bring her down and indeed there were calls soon after my prediction that she step down. The Bavarians were particularly testy about the massive influx and they are an important part of her support.

Surely pictures of gibbering Africans and of endless lines of foreigners streaming through the European countryside would be the catalyst for German anger, as it had been for Hungarians and other E. Europeans.

Merkel recovered enough of her political wits, which have historically caused her to move to co-opt opposition and sell herself as the best and safest compromise. In this case, she had the wit to order the reinstatement of border controls and that has appeared to have quieted down a lot of anger.

How well that has worked I don't know. Brad Macdonald's piece below indicates that she lied about the total that would be let in and, in any event, the original number of "only" 800,000 vice 1.5 million will work its magic on German minds as the effects of such an alien presence are felt in actual neighborhoods and in various budgets and (top secret) crime statistics. No longer foreigners walking through distant fields but now "Abdul my neighbor." Can love and harmony be far behind?

The German authorities are lying about and covering up the crimes and primitive behavior of the newcomers. Here's a telling story about that from Macdonald's article:

Across Germany, frustration, uncertainty and anger are welling up. A growing number of Germans are feeling betrayed and want change. They want a leader who will listen to their anxieties, defend their interests, and protect Germany.

In Stockach, I had coffee with a 20-year-old man who works as a security guard at a refugee camp containing more than 1,000 migrants. The camp, he explained, is a mix between a pigsty and a war zone. This man had witnessed migrants refuse to use the portable toilets and, instead, take care of business in the corner of the room or behind furniture. The camp was filthy. There was also rampant sexual abuse, rape, fights and knifings, and regular clashes between religious and ethnic foes (Shia vs. Sunni, for example). Are local politicians expressing concern about this in public? I asked. Is the local media reporting on what’s happening inside these camps?

They are totally silent, he said.[1]

So Merkel confounded my prediction with ease by a little kabuki kapering at the borders. However, I don't think it will be long before a certain "social percolation" takes place and maybe in the early spring Merkel will come under increased pressure again as the extent of the disaster and the government's lying becomes clearer. Germans are not stupid and certainly not as supine as their government is counting on. Es kommt die Zukunft.

In the meantime, I will hew to the sage advice once given to economists: Give them a date or give them a number, but never give them a date and a number.

But Merkel will go. No politician can front such a gigantic, insane social catastrophe and again maneuver herself to some temporary safe space. The numbers are huge and the immigration catastrophe is finally developing some very sharp edges.

[1] "Germany, Migrants and Angela Merkel’s Big Lie." By Brad Macdonald, The Trumpet, 12/29/15.


The Local Malcontent said...

Chancellor Angela Merkel will not last long as ethnocentric Germanics realize their upcoming danger.

The ethnic cleansing of Europe will be akin to that of the 1930s, however, far more popularily supported. The Muslim conquest of Europa will be quashed soon and quickly, as the flood of Muslims, and their intent, is so reprehensible, so foreign to modern-day morality.

I do believe that war, maybe 'WW III', is enevitible in Europe, and that Islamistics will be repelled, the influence of Islam will become worldwide as a result.

Unless a truly amazing US president is elected, Intent on the complete elimination of Muslim influence worldwide~

Col. B. Bunny said...

It is devoutly to be wished, this European awakening. There are signs of it but the majority stubbornly, and I do mean stubbornly, cling to the idea that government is a source of wisdom and bennies. That belief seems to be unbreakable and, as I have tiresomely observed in the past, the European voters increase their support of the patriot parties by mere single digits. Recent provincial elections in France for example. The supporters of the status quo (mass immigration, fawning over Islam, ferocious attack on free speech, disgusting hypocrisy) were easily able to gang up on the FN and so it's business as usual with none of those morons particularly upset about a criminal (SHMG) prosecution of Marine Le Pen, the leader of a major political movement!

You're right there will be an ethnic cleansing. That need not mean slaughter for any morons reading this though it's often been part of prior population transfers. 150,000 Georgians were booted from Abkhazia, millions of Ethnic Germans were expelled from E. Europe (with much violence), Turks from Bulgaria, Italians from Libya, Muslims from India, Hindus from Pakistan. These in my lifetime. I don't see how there will be another result. No people can forever be moon calves about the presence in their midst of people who hate them. Modern liberal political "thought" has it that it can all be tra la la if you but dialog with people who hate you, have a "conversation" with them, and buy them off with generous welfare payments. But anyone with the sense that God gave a duck knows that human reality is different from the fondest dreams of the moon bats. Not one damn thing can a liberal point to in Europe and say the long-term trend is trending positive for oil and water to mix.

Ergo, this is not going to end well. The recent rape/groping incidents in Europe which Merkel cavalierly blew off are likely to drive any man who can call himself a man white with rage at the betrayal that's been visited on him and his kin.

I disagree with you only on the point that Islam's power would increase worldwide after Muslims are pushed out of Europe. Islam only has the strength it has because it is able to insert itself into Western countries. Islam is a death cult and Muslim countries will revert to an absolutely primitive state if their Western lifeline is cut. Get them out of the West and ring fence the Muslim world till they choose to reject seventh-c. savagery and obscurantism. That's the ticket. Islam is a carbuncle on humankind. It is uniquely savage, inward looking, and frozen in time in the distant past. Mankind cannot flourish in a world with the communications we have until the Muslim beast is neutered.