01 January 2016

No. The GOP insists that ONLY liberals must run the debates.

Why [don’t] Trump, Carson, Cruise, and Rubio, rent a building somewhere for a debate and invite the media to cover it. Sell 30 second advertising slots to each network for 150,000 a whack[?] Have Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin handle the questioning.[1]
Ultraright is on the right track here.

But no. When voters are interested in hearing about solutions to the nation's problems there's just nothing like "war on women" and "deporting anchor babies with terminal cancer" questions to liven up the debate for ratings. That's what debates are for. To play "gotcha," inject telegenic young lawyers into presidential politics, advance the progressive agenda, and sell advertising.

Couldn't Brian Lamb periodically come out of retirement and fix this? The man was decent and fair in his treatment of people on his C-SPAN shows.

The GOP insists on doing its deer-in-the-headlights imitation every bleeping time and dumps the whole debate process into the laps of progressives and intellectual nonentities. Guaranteed. Who was Candy Crowley anyway?

Without fail we have presidential "debates" that do not bring up

  • odiferous Supreme Court decisions (such as the long-ago disastrous expansion of the scope of the Commerce Clause that twisted the Constitution into a pretzel and handed a blank check to Congress to expand the size of the federal government to the roof tops),
  • vote fraud,
  • the role of big donors in the political process,
  • the role of the Federal Reserve,
  • Keynesian economics,
  • the inability of the U.S. government to control spending and federal debt,
  • the judicial doctrine of original intent,
  • waging undeclared war in Syria,
  • the unconstitutional Department of Education and the EPA,
  • U.S. support for ISIS,
  • the role of Saudi money in American politics,
  • importing foreigners to take the jobs of Americans,
  • the U.S. government's employment of members of the Muslim Brotherhood,
  • Hillary Clinton's employment of a woman with ties to Saudi Arabia and the Muslim Brotherhood,
  • the sharia's requirement of death for apostasy and how that is consistent with our belief in freedom of conscience,
  • the shariah requirement for supremacy over infidel law and how a Muslim can swear truthfully in a naturalization proceeding,
  • ending affirmative discrimination,
  • stopping not expanding all immigration,
  • black racism and criminality,
  • welfare parasitism as a formula for national suicide,
  • the devastation of our cities by the black underclass, and
  • how free speech can be protected against the assaults of homosexual zealots and progressives.
Maybe there are other questions that could be asked.

[1] Comment by ultraright on "Rush Limbaugh Taken Back By Caller’s ‘Brilliant Point’: ‘Wait a Second…You Are Spot On Here.’" By Oliver Darcy, The Blaze, 11/3/15.

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Dymphna said...

I don't trust Levin or Limbaugh much these days. Who is buying ads on their shows?? I guess I'm really out of the MSRR -main stream right radio. They've been around so long they're part of the outer establishment...no one is examining what the GOP/RNC is up to with all the candidates.

When Cruz fell on his sword the other day by doing an oh-so-sincere altar call for "the body of Christ" that was the outward sign of his order to move on. His funding will dry up and he'll float in the wind, a wisp of memory. But rewarded for his obedience.

I believe Carson is sincere, but operating on the Peter Principle. My guess: the plants who were running his campaign and suddenly resigned had served their purpose. If I weren't so lazy I'd research them and then wait to see where they pop up next. Carson, whom I've admired since the 80s is waaay out of his league. I pray he goes back to his foundation, lesson learned and not too burned by the experience.

This is all choreographed to end up with Bush <---> Hillary. If they can get the former to stay awake for his acceptance speech. Hillary, looking peaked lately, is going to suddenly grow healthy, full of vim and vigor. Nothing like facing criminal charges if she loses. There's a six year statute of limitations on her malfeasance while SecState. She is desperate to outrun that. Bush has no such burning motive...

The GOP will move heaven and earth to avoid Trump, the populist-vulgarian choice, including reneging on their 'deal' by changing the rules. That leaves him free to say buy-by and run anyway, but the split will mean Hillary's victory.

Even Fox is in on the fix...i.e., their avoidance of any support for immigration limits. They're in the same toilet as the rest of the MSM...

The younger generation can't be bothered even watching, much less voting. Their disgust is total...