19 January 2016

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Hobson's choice.

What the hell is going on in Scotland? I get the independence thing, but are there no patriots in Scotland anymore?


Scotland has a diverse range of political views and parties - as long as you are far-Left. Same as Greece - their political spectrum has the extreme-Left, the far Left, and Left-leaning moderates. Conservative parties in Greece can and have been declared illegal, and their members arrested.[1]

Other views on Scotland from the same source:

IndianaFlynn responding to flemmerdave:

I'm deeply ashamed to be Scottish these days. The nationalist lunatics are in control of the Scottish government and although less than half the population actually voted for them they still got the majority of votes, so we're stuck with them. Empress Sturgeon has done well in gaining further support through some spectacular b*****itting which appears lost on many and unfortunately will take a few years before those that voted them in realise just how unrealisitc their politics are. You'd be forgiven for thinking that the SNP represent Scotland, they don't, they represent the SNP and are dragging the rest of us with them. For the record, there are many in Scotland that support Trump, believe in the UK and would leave the EU tomorrow.
And Wee Mental Davie responding to flemmerdave:
We are in big trouble up here. You see the people have little idea what it's like to be infested with muslims in their Highland communities. They only see left wing politics of the vile SNP. They think they are for independence and Scotland but all they really want is to divide UK and sell out to the EU. They don't care how this happens and so they import the biggest divisive thing in the world today, that is the islamic vermin.

They hide the invasion of islam by declaring it human rights, asylum seekers and the biggest one, the repulsive refugee conn. They are right up there with Merkel and her desire for a borderless, stateless quasi islamic culture of tomorrow. The big threat though, is this will be the outcome, but they refuse to accept it, while desperately trying to encourage more and more migrants. When Scotland wakes up one morning to the sound of the call to prayer, it will be too late.

[1] Comments on "Geller: The Nation That Gave the World the Magna Carta Is Dead." By Pamela Geller, Brietbart, 1/18/16.

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