17 January 2016

Thoughts for Martin Luther King Day, 2016.

From Selma to Birmingham to Detroit, the results of the Civil Rights revolution have been uniformly catastrophic.[1]
Among other things, the "Great Society" created a vast parasitic underclass that contributes nothing to our national life. If there is a blighted, destroyed city in America it is because it is majority-black or has a significant black majority.

Black academic failure is a solid fact of America's national life, as is the ability of black teenagers to turn schools into violent, lawless, hyper-sexualized nightmares for any student, white or black, wishing to get an education. For a teenager to have to attend a school with significant numbers of blacks is a ghastly punishment and ensures that that child will be exposed to four years of chaos and primitivism where a hostility to "thinking white" will be the least of his or her problems.

Blacks rape, rob, batter, and kill whites – and each other – with abandon and flock to defend the trash among them and fabricate the most outrageous tales of mostly white police misconduct and a "failed system" designed to keep blacks ignorant and mentally enslaved. Blacks will accept no responsibility for their failure but search under every bush for structural racism, white privilege, and leprechauns. The pyramids of Egypt and the sands of Africa they search for evidence of long-ago Negro engineering, architectural, and military genius since appropriated by white people -- of course -- and, it seems, unrecoverable by any black society in 5,000 years.

Far from being areas of tranquility, safety, and sanity, black communities are avoided by whites and black if they have any sense at all. The chance to acquire Section 8 vouchers that would allow moving into safe white communities is an occasion for near riot in black ones.

The "leaders" cast up by this underclass are buffoons or subversives and, in Congress, gravitate to the Congressional Progressive Caucus, i.e., the Communist Caucus. If there is legislation proposed to expand state power, increase taxes, grant more privileges to minorities, confiscate guns, penalize free speech, or throw open the borders to unrestricted immigration, it is assured of the support of those "leaders." At the very highest levels, there is a struggle to understand what patriotism is.

To describe the results of the Civil Rights revolution as "uniformly catastrophic" is an understatement that simply cannot ever be equaled.

[1] Quoted from Peter Brimelow's 2015 article on MLK Day set out in "Time To Rethink Martin Luther King Day, 2016." By James Fulford, Vdare, 1/17/16.


Anonymous said...

Well aside from the flaws you mention blacks have many virtues, among them is their passion foropera and they're mastery of French haute cusine.

Col. B. Bunny said...

That needs to be brought out more than it is.