19 April 2016

Advanced decay of America.

If no change is forthcoming, the US will self-destruct. Along that path it is far advanced. What once made the US exceptional was its commitment, never wholly realized, to a government subordinate to the protection of individual rights. The US government has become just another unexceptional and immoral enterprise dedicated to expanding its power.

Repression goes with empire. An America that looks itself in the mirror no longer sees the shining words of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights; it sees loathsome images of the national security state: the Patriot Act, gigantic complexes where unfathomable amounts of information on American citizens are stored, and a long line of politicians assuring us that the protection of privacy and freedom requires the destruction of privacy and freedom.

* * * *

Long suppressed, America’s from-the-depths-of-its-stomach revulsion is coming. . . .

. . . This year’s insurgencies constitute recognition, the furious counter reactions denial.

"America Needs to Throw-up." By Robert Gore, Straight Line Logic, 4/18/16.

H/t: The Burning Platform.

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