19 April 2016

Trump phenomenon in its essence.

I love how the Cruzbots say Trump has no ground game, didn’t know the rules, didn’t organize. As if he had any ability to sway party hacks. The only thing Trump has going for him is the voters, and we see that the voters don’t control the nomination. Trump is going against the GOP establishment’s main policies: perpetual war, globalization, open borders, importing enemy “refugees”, “free” trade, needless antagonism toward Russia, fealty to a bogus group of “allies” (NATO) that includes a brazen ISIS supporter, medical monopolies. “Ground game” has nothing to do with it. Trump’s candidacy is a fucking mutiny. We slaves have broken out of the ship’s hold and we’re doing hand-to-hand combat with our subjugators. If the party hacks succeed in nominating someone who didn’t get the most votes, I’ll never vote for a GOP candidate ever again.
Comment by Iska Waran on "Is the GOP Risking Suicide?" By Patrick J. Buchanan, The Burning Platform, 4/16/16.

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