27 June 2016

Let's just quit the pretense.

A nation consists of people with a common racial, ethnic, linguistic, cultural, historical, and political identity. The left has foisted off on us the notion that a nation is nothing but the sum total of all the people who pass through Grand Central Station over the course of a year.
The Brexit vote has established an idea that Benjamin Netanyahu would find familiar: each ethnic group must act in self-interest. It is no longer the responsibility or burden of the UK to be the world’s immigration destination; instead, English and British people can act toward their own self-interest, which means excluding everyone else.

Just because someone is born in the UK, they are not British. They are occupants, not natives. And now, the natives want their country back. The backlash has begun, against not just the EU, but democracy and its inherent Leftist tendencies and the idea of multiculturalism itself.[1]

For the truth of the proposition that people born in Britain are not British, revisit my earlier post from which I republish this video:

[1] "‘Stop immigration. Start repatriation.’" By Brett Stephens, Amerika, 6/26/16.

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