31 July 2016

The essence of Merkel's rule.

Since the bland, circumspect, inscrutable, placid, blancmange (but devious and vicious Coudenhove-Kalergi Prize-winning) Merkel intends to ignore the consequences of her recent and earlier intentional Muslim madness, she and her CDU lawn jockeys, factotums, sycophants, lickspittles, and legally-dead Frankenführerin intend to augment the hellish life they have inflicted on the German people (Leuteschlag, people smash) with the Hasssuchekampf (Hate Search Struggle) or Traumverstärkungkrieg (Dream Reinforcement War).

If reality is vexing in any aspect then promote fantasy ("European values"), conceal actual crime, and crucify malcontents, patriots, and those simply aghast at the jungleization of Germany with the aid of a former Stasi informer, the BND, and our own Mark ("The Lion of Free Speech") Zuckerberg.

Merkel, the former communist youth organization functionary, has created the dystopia so beloved of leftists, but you can thank her for two things: (1) Germany is not being torn apart by vile nationalism and (2) its leaders know the difference between the form of National Socialist government excess and its substance.

Comment by Col. Bunny on "The Good Fairy." By Hans Heckel, Die Preußische Allgemeine Zeitung , 7/23/16, republished in "It’s Nobody’s Business but the Turks.’" By Baron Bodissey, Gates of Vienna, 7/28/16.


Joshua Sinistar said...

Actually this moron and her inferior controllers could have lived a high soft life on the backs of hard working Germans. Now they're all dead. Nationalism is not a high priority in a safe well-ordered society, but becomes quite essential to survival under invasion. These fuckers never learn. They're stupid, have no doubt. They're doing the same thing that led to Hitler taking power. I doubt they will be as lucky this time. No America or England will rescue them thanks to their perfidy there as well. Hitler will have his revenge, and his prophetic claims that someday the World will know he was right shall come true. He knew the stupidity of the enemy. The enemy of all mankind will never learn. Their extinction is now assured. No one will aid them or rescue them this time.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Nature will not be mocked, as someone pointed out recently. Multiculturalism, Sarkozy's metissage, diversity, feminism, abortion, fiscal/monetary excess, and the abominable celebration of the homosexual and transsexual sicknesses have made a shambles of our fine civilization. What can't go on, won't.