28 July 2016

The reason for Trump's popularity.

Since Bush I was elected in 1988 (28 years and seven, four-year presidential terms ago), high-paying mfg. jobs have been sent abroad while at the same time, these same American presidents have let tens of millions of illegals stay here without regard for the long-term consequences to the American way of life. The rampant bitterness we see now is the culmination of prior presidents policies topped-off with the devastating effects of Obama, who vandalizes "traditional" America everywhere he can. These last four presidents have collectively, inflicted a colossal burden upon the American people for which there is no penalty to them; but only to the quarter-billion people who are the American middle-class.[1]
All those presidents did that. They let millions of illegals stay as though it were the most normal thing in the world to allow foreigners to flood the United States of America because they felt like grabbing a piece of our pie.

Note, too, that the mantra is "11 million illegals." It's been "11 million" since Al Gore first had to crank up his air conditioner at Chateau Gore. Ann Coulter played with some simple numbers and said at a minimum it's 30 MILLION. At a minimum, my friends.

All perfectly normal and unremarkable by the political class. The perfect expression of globalism and leftist lunacy: inundation of white people in their own countries.

[1] Comment by Felix da Kat on "Will Any Future POTUS Matter (Other Than Launching More Wars)?" By By Charles Hugh Smith, Zero Hedge, 7/28/16.


Joshua Sinistar said...

The idiots who make up the fake elite are always jabbering on about sustainability, but they don't know what that is at all. What cannot go on, won't. Trump is an insider. So was Perot. Being Rich, he runs in the same crowd as these deluded assholes and hears their fantasies of living like Maharajahs with all sorts of brown slaves blindly following their orders while they lounge around. These morons are deluded. The Robber Barons and Maharajahs weren't lazy fat bald girly boys like them. They were strong and powerful Warlords that could tear your head off with their bare hands. Their serfs followed them because they led armies that protected them from barbarians and invaders. The NWO fools are just spoiled little children who have no understanding of the real world. They are soft and weak. They will rule nothing. Both Perot and now Trump realize this stupid idea of a global government will never work. They see its White men that do the inventing, building and maintenance that keeps this all running. Without White men the Whole World will collapse, and the dumb brown dark skinned races will starve. Mass extinction from War, Disease and Hunger. The NWO is a stupid fantasy. The Real World is a hierarchy. White men built the World. The Dark Races want it, but as Detroit, Haiti and South Africa attest, they cannot even maintain it. They are too dumb and lazy.

Col. B. Bunny said...

The single greatest source of malevolence in the world is Saudi Arabia, which to this day relies of foreigners provide the technical expertise to produce their great wealth. Africa will never prosper on its own. Muslims in general are wedded to a crazy view of the natural world where honest inquiry is a risk to your health or your life.