04 December 2016

One big happy clappy glop.

"Liberals believe that their nation states are associations formed by individuals for the purpose of ensuring their natural right to life, liberty, and happiness. They have an imaginary view of their liberal states as associations created by isolated individuals reaching a covenant, a contract or agreement, amongst themselves in abstraction from any prior community. They have a predilection to whitewash the fact that their liberal states, like all states, were forcibly created by a people with a common language, heritage, racial characteristics, religious traditions, and a sense of territorial acquisition involving the derogation of out-groups." [Source not provided by Lemur.]
This was precisely the case in the founding of the United States. The Anglo-Celtic nation of the New World constituted themselves as a particular people according to the articles of the Constitution. Plato and Montesquieu, NOT Locke, were the main influences. Republics are always particular, rather than universal. The People Preceded the Proposition.

Not buyin' the proposition.

Until 1965, most of the US population came from Northern Europe, and those who didn't were ruthlessly assimilated according to WASPish norms. Likewise the Black population came from a small sector of West Africa - hardly the melting pot meme dreamed up by some Jew in London in the twenties.

[Origin writes:] "Ultimately, over the 151 years since that conflict ended, the American People have made great progress toward forming a society under a mostly ethno-neutral...polity.["] It's a complete [non-sequitur] to go from ["]the blacks had it tough, and so we straightened that out["] to 'America should be an ethno-neutral country. That's [ahistorical] nonsense, a retrospective end of history fever dream. America is now a domain of tribal competition thanks to the open borders efforts of oligarchs and leftists with a sick obsession with the other and a hatred of their own traditions. Diversity + proximity always leads to conflict. Here's [sic] the studies which point to where the United State is headed. Trump's just the beginning, and [he and] Bannon (who is only a white nationalist in the imaginations of Mother Jones types) are mere avatars of the social changes liberal ideology itself installed. And the research is [underway] on the consequences... https://heartiste.wordpress.com/diversity-proximity-war-the-reference-list/

Liberalism of course is the true ["]easy ideology["]. Everyone is placed in little boxes - abstract units of production, consumption, and 'self realization - where the ruling zeitgeist is ["]do as thou wilt[" within] the parameters of the harm principle. But actually conserving the traditions of a spiritual organic community against the globalizing forces of dissolution - that is the hard choice. Actually generating and aspiring to something greater than a value neutral post-modernism poz-fest requires concerted effort. Liberalism is a contract with mediocrity that protects its practitioners from ever being more than political children.

By contrast, ["]the wonderful mosaic of diversity["] is a series of decontextualized exotic cultural stimuli our bored last men and women amuse themselves with. The liberal state is ultimately the enemy of any true diversity, because the liberal state ethos leads to differentiation without difference.

No more. As the National Front tweeted after Trump won, “Their world is collapsing, ours is being built.” The epoch of dissolution is over. The age of a new nationalism has begun.[1]

[1] Comment by Lemur on "ORIGIN Incensed—Presidents Elect have a right of freedom of speech and expression too." By Origin, Sic Semper Tyrannis, 11/22/16 (slight formatting changes; emphasis added).


Joshua Sinistar said...

Don't use the lies of the enemy. There are no "liberals". There is no "progress". What we have is an insignificant and mindless leech that amounts to a simple and stupid parasitic infestation. Like HIV, it mindlessly attacks our natural immune systems to ensure its temporary survival. Only its complete and total eradication to the last can or will save our lives. Its a mindless and soulless virus.
There is no left or right. We are LEGION. We are the Future. The enemy is a rancid collection of genetic failures invading as a consequence of a viral infection. A vile mindless and soulless parasite that is good for NOTHING and can do NOTHING by itself.

Col. B. Bunny said...

I think there is still much utility in the left-right analysis. The reason why many think it is not useful is because the left has deliberately worked very hard to confuse political analysis by treating "the right" as National Socialists, neo or otherwise. This is lie. National Socialists and communists belong on the far left where there are just variants of totalitarian polities. On the far right one does not find concentration camps and secret police but people committed to living free of the state and ordering their lives by means of contract and voluntary adherence to traditional morality and custom and tradition.