04 December 2016

Ultra-left malevolence and mass immigration.

Item: "Sweden to Become a Third World Country by 2030, According to UN."

Item: "Germany: Invaders Stay on Welfare." – ". . . [N]one of the 50,000 officially recognized “asylum seekers” in the German state of North Rhine Westphalia are working, and all are living on welfare."

But, notwithstanding these representative facts, the ultra-leftist (communist, progressive, multicultural) mantra is unchanged. There must be yet more massive third-world immigration:

While any culture can absorb some people over time, there is a pace above which only shock and splintering can occur. It seems to me that the bureaucrats of Europe have overlooked the impacts of their decisions, allowed in too many people at once without any good plan for dealing with them (as evidenced by the legions of refugees and migrants camped out on the rue [French for street]).[1]
The above too-casually accepts the value of any immigration. There shouldn't be any "good plan for dealing with" immigrants because there shouldn't be any immigration in the first place. At a minimum, there should be a 50-year near-total halt to immigration.

However the author's basic point is correct. You can't exceed a certain rate of absorption of foreigners.

The author also says this inundation occurs because "bureaucrats" don't have to suffer the consequences of their letting in masses of foreigners. This raises the question, however, Why do these "bureaucrats" encourage immigration in the first place?

Leftist gift to Western civilization.

The answer to that question is that the hidden ultra-left game plan is to overload, inundate, and destroy every Western nations with hordes of hostile, primitive, arrogant, obscurantist, parasitical foreigners and all the while sell it as something that will be a cultural and economic benefit to each host country.

These people are satanic in their malevolence disguised as compassion.

Such is the hatred of the ultra-left for Western culture and the white race.

[1] "France On Fire." By Chris, IWB, 12/2/16 (bracketed text in original).

H/t: Gates of Vienna for both items.

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